Welcome to our renewed website

A lot has changed about bmp! First of all, our name is now bmp Ventures (previously we were called bmp Beteiligungsmanagement). Simpler, shorter and crisper. We are a Venture Capitalist, so why not tone that up in our name too? But changing our name was just the first step: we‘ve also improved our website and you can now see and judge the results yourself! Scroll through the menu and explore the new structure.

It is leaner, cleaner and better organized, placing the focus on our ventures. We will regularly update you about them in our newsfeed, share their successes and stories and of course post news about us, bmp Ventures!

We will have new features on the website, namely a blog (the first entry of which you are reading right now). Our plan is to write here about bmp itself, what we do and what we stand for, what we are looking for when we seek investment opportunities, what challenges we face and similar topics. If you have something in mind that you’d like to hear about, connected to venture capitalists or startups, simply contact us and we will do our best to write about it!

We hope you enjoy our renewed website as much as we enjoyed working on it,
The bmp-Team