AdMAdMaxim, Byyd, LiquidM and StrikeAd – adsquare announces new DSP partners

  • adsquare adds 4 new partners to line-up of leading DSPs
  • adsquare data available to advertisers, agencies and trading desks throughout core EU markets
  • Programmatic premium and ad spend for branding campaigns on the rise

adsquare has added AdMaxim, Byyd, LiquidM and StrikeAd to its list of leading DSP partners. The move grants advertisers, agencies and trading desks access to adsquare's rich, reliable audience data throughout the core EU markets via their platform of choice.

As programmatic mobile campaigns are increasingly adopted across the board, the trend towards using self-service (SaaS) platforms is also increasing, something that's offered by almost all DSPs integrated with adsquare including Byyd. “Today’s industry is data-driven. Valuable data in programmatic is key to reaching the right consumers at scale with the relevant message in real-time” says Victor Malachard, CEO at Byyd. “Integrating with adsquare is evidence of the huge importance of data and the interest in automated buying in the advertising world”.

adsquare offers precise targeting at scale, reaching more than 50 million users throughout its core markets of UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. "The audience data landscape in mobile is growing ever stronger, allowing brands to segment and target in a more granular way and generate valuable insights in doing so. adsquare is a key player in this landscape and we are delighted to bring its audience segments into the AdMaxim platform." Says Sultan Khan, Co-Founder at AdMaxim

The demand for audience data is the main driver for branding ad spend in mobile programmatic. With adsquare, we can take this data and cross reference it with granular information on location, demographics and other behaviours to create a holistic view of the consumer.” says Gavin Stirrat, COO at StrikeAd.

An estimated 68% of mobile ads were bought programmatically in 2014, a number which is predicted to reach 88% worldwide by 2017*. “Programmatic premium is on the rise. Ensuring access to adsquare data is the natural solution to the increasing demand in the market for mobile audience data at scale.” says Philipp Simon, Managing Director at LiquidM.

About adsquare
adsquare is Europe’s leading provider for mobile audience data. The company leverages consumers’ local context and mobile behaviour for programmatic advertising and helps advertisers and agencies to pinpoint their target group to make ads more relevant. Through partnerships with ad networks, publishers and global exchange platforms, adsquare offers clients access to audiences segments and attributes at scale. adsquare is an official real-time data provider within AppNexus, thereby accessible for any buyer on the AppNexus platform enriching inventory from global supply sources such as MoPub, Smaato, Nexage, PubMatic and others. The platform works completely without cookies and has been awarded the ePrivacyseal for complying with strict European data protection laws. For more information visit follow @adsquarecom or contact

*According to PubMatic’s 2015 Programmatic Outlook Report
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