First Metabolism Based Body Tracker offered by Metabolomic Discoveries

  • Successful Closing of Kenkodo Campaign
  • Start of Crowd Development Project

German biotech company Metabolomic Discoveries announced the successful completion of the Kenkodo crowdfunding campaign. Kenkodo is a crowd science project that gives every individual access to cutting edge metabolomics technology. The aim is to understand the dynamics of the human metabolome. Supporters of the campaign will be highly involved in the development of the Kenkodo body tracker.

Nicolas Schauer, CEO of Metabolomic Discoveries: ‘Your lifestyle is immediately reflected in your metabolism. It is able to tell you quickly if something is good or bad for your health, long before you would notice it otherwise. Besides being fast, it is also comprehensive: metabolomics measures more than a 1000 compounds in your blood at once. It ranges from fatty acids, to vitamins and hormones. With Kenkodo, people own their own health.’

Nothing responds faster to lifestyle habits than the metabolism. That makes it the perfect tool to track a person’s health condition. Kenkodo empowers people to positively influence and predict their well­being. The tool measures the body metabolism and connects it to lifestyle data. The tool feeds the combined information back to its user. Based on that, the user can decide which habits to change to live healthier. The application goes beyond staying fit, optimizing performance and finding the right work­life balance. It is also about identification and detection of pre­disease states and consequently about disease prevention.

About Metabolomic Discoveries
Metabolomic Discoveries successfully offers its metabolomics technology to clients in the life sciences industry. The research is focused on high­resolution comprehensive metabolite profiling in biological systems, the identification of biomarkers and the qualitative improvement of life by combining analytical and big­data approaches. The research company recently decided to offer the technology and expertise to the public.

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