Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG signs global framework agreement with Northern Europe-based Global Mobile Network Operator

  • Global Frame Agreement covering the supply of Energy Management Systems and turnkey solar-hybrid solutions signed
  • Heliocentris becomes worldwide qualified supplier for all Operating Companies of one of the leading Mobile Network Operators, based in Northern Europe
  • Concrete discussions on deliveries to projects in Bangladesh and Pakistan ongoing
  • Potential of revenue is in the two-digit million range over the course of the next three years from Bangladesh and Pakistan alone

Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG (ISIN DE000A1MMHE3), a technology leader for hybrid energy supply solutions, has signed a global framework agreement for the supply and installation of solar hybrid solutions based on its Energy Management System with one of the largest Mobile Network Operators in Northern Europe. With around 186 million mobile network customers, the Northern Europe based Group is one of the world's largest mobile network operators, particularly active in Asia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

The global framework agreement covers business with all operating companies of the Mobile Network Group worldwide including pricing, terms and conditions for the delivery of almost 20 different configurations of turnkey energy solutions. The duration of this agreement is for a period of three years with option for renewal for another two years.

Heliocentris herewith is a qualified supplier of turnkey solar energy solutions and Energy Management Systems to this Mobile Network Operator worldwide. According to studies from 2013 by the GSMA, an industry association of mobile network operators, there are over 25,000 existing mobile base-stations in Bangladesh and over 33,000 in Pakistan between all mobile network operators. In addition, GSMA expects over 3,000 and 11,000 new mobile base-stations to be built in areas with no or inadequate power grids in Bangladesh and Pakistan respectively. Concrete discussions on deliveries to projects in Bangladesh and Pakistan are ongoing. The potential of revenue is in the two-digit million range over the course of the next three years from Bangladesh and Pakistan alone. The Mobile Network Operator is the market leader in Bangladesh and the second-largest mobile operator in Pakistan.

Ayad Abul-Ella, CEO of Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG, commented: "This global frame agreement with one of the largest Mobile Network Operator is likely the biggest milestone in Heliocentris' history, as it is one of the top 15 mobile operators in the world and marks as the Customer with the highest sales potential for Heliocentris since the company was founded."

About Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG
Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG is a leading technology provider of energy management systems and hybrid power solutions for distributed stationary industrial applications, as well as of products and solutions for education, training and applied research purposes in the field of fuel cells, solar, wind and hydrogen energy technologies. Heliocentris' energy management systems creates intelligent, remote controlled, reliable and highly efficient hybrid energy solutions from diverse components such as batteries, photovoltaic modules, conventional diesel generators and fuel cells. The solutions reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 50% and operating costs by up to 60% compared to conventional energy solutions for mobile telecommunications base stations. Heliocentris' fuel cell systems ensure uninterrupted power supply with long runtimes to critical
infrastructure such as TETRA base stations, back-bone sites in mobile networks and server stations. The Company employs at present around 185 people and is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Dubai, Yangon, Vancouver and Johannesburg. Heliocentris AG's shares are traded in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the security identification number A1MMHE. Further information is available at www.heliocentris.com.

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