Heliocentris gains INABATA as new strategic sales partner and receives EUR 1 million additional capital for strategic projects

  • Heliocentris gains market access to Japan, Korea and the USA
  • Strategic partnership signed with INABATA, a Japanese trading company
  • INABATA provides almost EUR 1 million fresh capital

Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG (ISIN DE000A1MMHE3), a technology leader for hybrid energy supply solutions, has signed a strategic partnership with INABATA EUROPE GmbH, a subsidiary of the Japanese trading company INABATA & Co Ltd. INABATA had a turnover of more than 4 billion Euros in the 2013/2014 financial year. Initially signed for five years, the agreement grants INABATA exclusive distribution rights to all Heliocentris products in Japan and also in Korea and the USA for applications which are not target applications for Heliocentris. In return, INABATA undertakes to buy products and solutions such as those offered from Heliocentris exclusively from Heliocentris.

To underscore the importance of this partnership and to make it easier for Heliocentris to finance joint strategic projects in the area of fuel cell solutions, in a private placement INABATA subscribed debentures of the existing 2014/2017 convertible bond with a total nominal value of EUR 1.0 million. An issue price of 93.75% was agreed. All other conditions are in line with the convertible bond which was issued last year for the first time. The coupon is 4% p.a., the conversion price is EUR 8.00 per share and the bond is to be repaid in January 2017. The proceeds from the convertible bond are to be used to finance joint strategic projects in the area of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

Masuru Inoue, Managing Director of INABATA Europe GmbH commented: "We are very pleased about the strategic partnership with Heliocentris and the possibility to offer Heliocentris products on an exclusive basis in Japan and other countries. What is more, we expect we will become an important supplier to our new partner for certain components."

Ayad Abul-Ella, CEO of Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG, commented: "With INABATA, Heliocentris has gained a Japanese trading company in as a new sales partner. This gives Heliocentris access to a trading house which is very well established and networked particularly in Japan, the USA and Korea. We are very pleased about the new opportunities which could emerge for Heliocentris and are very proud that INABATA is assisting us, not only in gaining new customers and accessing new markets, but also in supplying strategic components."

About Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG
Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG is a leading technology provider of energy management systems and hybrid power solutions for distributed stationary industrial applications, as well as of products and solutions for education, training and applied research purposes in the field of fuel cells, solar, wind and hydrogen energy technologies. Heliocentris' energy management systems creates intelligent, remote controlled, reliable and highly efficient hybrid energy solutions from diverse components such as batteries, photovoltaic modules, conventional diesel generators and fuel cells. The solutions reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 50% and operating costs by up to 60% compared to conventional energy solutions for mobile telecommunications base stations. Heliocentris' fuel cell systems ensure uninterrupted power supply with long runtimes to critical infrastructure such as TETRA base stations, back-bone sites in mobile networks and server stations. The Company employs at present around 185 people and is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Dubai, Yangon, Vancouver and Johannesburg. Heliocentris AG's shares are traded in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the security identification number (A1MMHE). Further information is available at www.heliocentris.com.

The Inabata Group provides innovative solutions and services for IT & electronics, chemicals, life industry, plastics, housing & eco materials businesses worldwide. For more than a century, Inabata's specialised functions have satisfied a vast range of client requirements through business planning, marketing, manufacturing and logistics. Inabata is determined to continue serving as a trusted partner, meeting the true needs of our customers. More information is available at www.inabata.co.jp.

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