HNF HEISENBERG – Hecken, Nicolai & friends launch new ebike premium brand

Berlin/Biesenthal, July 27th, 2015 – HNF Heisenberg, a brand launched by the Berlin/Biesenthal company HNF GmbH in November 2014, is kicking off its holistic electric mobility concept for an increasingly younger, expectant and technology-savvy target group. Our completely newly developed models range from the S-Pedelec city bike up through the full suspension e-mountain bike. The design distinguishes itself with a middle motor drive fully integrated into the frame. After years of trials, this drive concept has proven itself in all the critical areas to be clearly superior to the others. Our company concept at HNF Heisenberg is also about integration and stands for customer-friendly, everyday ease: Design, development, sales and service of our ebikes come entirely from a single source.

Proven quality standards and mature advanced technologies from the automotive industry improve the riding and handling characteristics of HNF Heisenberg ebikes.

That’s how HNF Heisenberg wants to open the way to rediscover the highest tech level for feeling connected with the city or natural surroundings through which we are moving. It’s a crucial step towards a e-mobile future, which will develop more in the next two decades than mobility concepts have in the past 75 years.

E-mobile and customer-friendly without detours
HNF Heisenberg ebikes can be configured online and delivered to your front door. Customers get a 100% ridable bike quickly and reliably at an attractive price. Direct communication channels simplify proper service. Searching for a workshop with competent ebike specialists and long wait times are over. That’s because warranty issues are repaired by trained HNF Heisenberg technicians on-site and free of charge within the warranty period.

About HNF GmbH
Founded in November 2014 in Biesenthal near Berlin, the company develops next-generation e-bikes under the brand HNF Heisenberg with a direct service and sales concept. Michael Hecken, Karlheinz Nicolai and Benjamin Börries are the founders. The e-bike pioneers Michael Hecken and Karlheinz Nicolai already founded Grace GmbH in 2008 and developed the Smart e-bike for Daimler-Benz AG. HNF Heisenberg – your new future-oriented brand for an increasingly technology-savvy audience – launches with a model series of the S-Pedelec city bike up to our top-quality full suspension mountain bike.


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