Luxexcel launches lens creator to offer customized 3D printed optics – empowered by trinckle 3D software

Luxexcel’s 3D printing technology allows to prototype and manufacture transparent lenses, while trinckle 3D’s software enables cloud-based and easy-as-pie customization of every 3D model. By combining these two technologies, it is now possible to order custom-made, perfect-fit lenses in a few seconds.


Luxexcel has attracted a lot of attention from media and investors these days for their breakthrough in 3D printing transparent optics. Compared to classical manufacturing methods, manufacturing optics with 3D printing has obvious advantages when it comes to cost and time efficient prototyping and small series production.


The only question remaining: where does the underlying 3D design come from, which is going to be printed? Until now, customers needed to create it themselves using CAD software or commission a professional 3D designer. Luxexcel wants to democratize the way optics are made and launches two online lens creators, powered by trinckle 3D software technology.

Customers can easily create their very own lens design, which perfectly fits the requirements of their specific use case. They just need to enter the relevant parameters like focal length and lens diameter and can have a look at the resulting model preview right away. The application generates a 3D printable model file, which is ready to order.

With our new design tool we want to take the next step in opening up the world of optical development”, says Peter Paul Cornelissen, Head of Marketing & Online Business Develop-ment. “Lowering the bar to make use of optimized optics for its application, and taking away the limitations of standard stock products will be a game changer for many designers that use optics in their products. The trinckle 3D customization software supports this development.

The Berlin-based technology company trinckle 3D introduced its customizing cloud engine earlier this year and is currently implementing it for several business clients. The software solution enables mass customization of 3D printable products on a next- generation level. Partners like Luxexcel can easily integrate user-friendly, white-label applications in their web-sites ( watch the product video ).

Luxexcel is a great partner and a perfect use case for our software, because the automated creation of custom-made lens models is an obvious and essential add-on to their cutting-edge production technology.” says trinckle 3D’s CEO, Florian Reichle. “However, product customization could be extremely important for every B2B or B2C company that tries to meet case-specific product requirements or the individual taste of a customer.

For more information about Luxexcel’s 3D printing technology and the lens creator please read this recommendable blog article.

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