Metabolomic Discoveries establishes Scientific Advisory Board

Metabolomic Discoveries announces the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board. The board is made up of a team of leading experts in the field of metabolomics and several applied research disciplines. Their mission will be to support Metabolomic Discoveries data interpretation approaches and provide feedback on the technological and biomarker strategies of the company.

Managing Director Dr. Nicolas Schauer is very pleased with the expertise and leadership that the Scientific Advisory Board brings to the company: “We are happy to collaborate with leading scientists to strengthen our bioknowledge and interpretation platform. It gives us the unique opportunity to match our metabolomics platform activities with some of the leading academic platforms.”

The composition of the Scientific Advisory Board:

- Prof. Dr. Eckhard Boles
Eckhard Boles is the Head of the Institute of Physiology and Genetics of lower Eukaryotes at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Large parts of his research interests are devoted to the biotechnological optimization of yeasts to produce chemical molecules. Eckhard will advise on biotechnological and metabolic engineering topics.

- Prof. Dr. Mark Stitt
Mark Stitt is director of the department metabolic networks at the MaxPlanckInstitute Of Molecular Plant Physiology, PotsdamGolm, Germany. Marks research mission is to carry out a system oriented approach in order to understand the synthesis and regulation of metabolites that are important for storage, transport, adaptation and signaling in plants. He will advise on plant and agriculture related topics.

- Dr. Nicola Zamboni
Nicola Zamboni is an independent group leader at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich. His lab focuses on the development of mass spectrometry and computational methods to characterize metabolic dynamics in complex systems and reverse engineer cellular regulation. He will advise on technological and bioinformatic topics.

- Dr. Thomas Wilckens
Thomas Wilckens is a medical doctor and a serial entrepreneur. Thomas focus is the convergence of multiomics technologies with real-world clinical data to enable Precision Medicine. He currently develops this approach into the venture InnVentis. Thomas will advise Metabolomic Discoveries on health and nutrition related topics.

Metabolomic Discoveries is a leading research and analytical service company. The company provides comprehensive metabolite analysis metabolomics in biological systems and the identification of biomarkers. In addition, the objective pursued by Metabolomic Discoveries is the qualitative improvement of life by combining analytical and bigdata approaches with biological expertise. For further information please visit

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