No more 3D misprints – 3D printing provider, trinckle 3D, starts free and automatic repair service for 3D files.

  • No more frustration due to incorrect printouts – the new 3D repair service corrects 3D models automatically before printing.
  • Free, browser-based and without registration – the new 3D repair service is user-friendly and designed for everyone.

Berlin/Henningsdorf  – More and more people get excited about creating individual designs and printing them in 3D. Unfortunately almost half of all model files contain failures, which can cause annoying misprints for the customer. Frustration comes along since misprints can be expensive and time-consuming. It is better to check your models for errors before the printing process. These errors might be caused by imprecise design or insufficient export functions of common design software (for further information see trinckle blog). In general, professionals deal with it by double checking their models or asking service providers to do so. However, this again is time and money consuming.

trinckle 3D always looks out for innovation to facilitate its printing business and pursue its goal to provide best quality combined with best prices. In this spirit trinckle 3D developed an automated 3D repair service which fixes common errors in real-time.

This repair service is available for everybody on It is browser-based, free and ready to use without registration.

The automated repair service is based on algorithms, which were refined by trinckle 3D to match the needs of everybody – even inexperienced users. Those algorithms analyze the triangle structure within the CAD file and detect logical errors. These errors are fixed immediately by automatically placing or removing triangles and rotating misdirected normals. Due to numerous optimization efforts 95 % of incorrect designs can be corrected to this day. For the moment three kinds of formats are supported: ‚stl’, ‚3ds’ and ‚ply’. The repair service employment requires no knowledge regarding the repair processes whatsoever. The corrections are carried out automatically subsequent to the design upload. Only very rare errors need to be detected and corrected afterwards with the naked eye.

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About trinckle 3D GmbH

trinckle 3D is the leading online provider for 3D printing in Germany. Our platform empowers professionals and beginners to bring their digital designs into real 3D products. Through trinckle 3D you get an easy and affordable way to print your designs in high-quality. To guarantee that we offer an excellent consultation service, use automated operations as well as industrial 3D printers. Furthermore, trinckle creates web-based software solutions to support the preparation of your 3D models and to enable the creation of customized designs.

trinckle 3D was founded within the Free University of Berlin in January 2013. Our investors and supporters include early stage funding by BFB (Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg) and Berlin based Venture Capital Company bmp.

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