Outdoor Advertiser WallDecaux Joins Forces With adsquare To Create Multi-Channel Brand Experience

  • WallDecaux enables storytelling from out-of-home to mobile with adsquare’s audience targeting
  • Capabilities include socio-demographics and location-based context to ensure maximum ROI
  • Access through any agency trading desk or demand side platform (DSP) integrated with adsquare

WallDecaux – part of JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, are combining efforts with adsquare, Europe’s leading Mobile Audience Targeting platform to extend out-of-home campaigns to mobile. The collaboration leverages adsquare’s Mobile Audience Targeting capabilities to enrich outdoor advertising media nationwide with valuable mobile data.

adsquare’s Mobile Audience Targeting abilities include socio-demographics, location-based context, event data, interests and product preferences. “We analyse billions of static and dynamic data points to define audiences in real-time, boosting campaign effectiveness by ensuring advertisers reach exactly the right customers in their mobile environment.” says adsquare COO Sebastian Doerfel who is responsible for product and partnerships.

With adsquare on board, WallDecaux can now fully optimize out-of-home campaigns for precise audiences on mobile to create a multi-channel experience and increase ad effectiveness, achieving maximum ROI.

The digital media landscape is changing prompting advertisers and agencies to shift more efforts to mobile. At the same time, the mobile landscape itself is evolving to unearth the huge potential of audience targeting.

Andreas Prasse, Chief Marketing Officer of Wall AG explains the collaboration: “Media fragmentation is on the rise making it more difficult to reach consumers. Yet as people are progressively more mobile, the combination of out-of-home and mobile advertising bridges the gap between real-world and mobile and enables us to provide meaningful offers tailored to our customers. This collaborative effort is the perfect media mix, offering customers real value.”

adsquare’s audience data is accessible via any agency trading desk or demand side platform (DSP) integrated with adsquare. Advertisers without their own media planning capabilities have the opportunity to use adsquare’s data with mobile advertising platform Splicky, also a partner of WallDecaux.

About WallDecaux Part of JCDecaux
JCDecaux is the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide. Since 2009, Wall AG has been part of the JCDecaux Group, which was founded in France by Jean-Claude Decaux in 1964. The Group is active in more than 60 countries worldwide and generated revenues of 2.676 billion euros in 2013. Worldwide, JCDecaux employs nearly 12,000 people. WallDecaux Premium Outdoor Sales is a division of Wall AG that effectively combines the strengths of both companies. From their five regional sales offices in Germany, they offer clients premium advertising services for high-impact local, regional, or national campaigns.

About adsquare GmbH
adsquare is Europe’s leading platform for Mobile Audience Targeting. The company leverages consumers’ current location for programmatic advertising and helps advertisers and agencies to pinpoint their target group in the right moment to make ads more relevant. Through partnerships with ad networks, publishers and global exchange platforms, adsquare offers clients access to premium audiences and attributes at scale. adsquare is an official AppNexus data partner, thereby accessible for any buyer on the AppNexus platform enriching inventory from global supply sources such as MoPub, Smaato, PubMatic and others. The platform works completely without cookies and has been awarded the ePrivacyseal for complying with strict European data protection laws. For more information visit http://www.adsquare.com follow @adsquarecom or contact info@adsquare.com


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