Premium Data for Hyper-Contextual Targeting - New Branded Data Providers Added to adsquare’s Audience Management Platform

  • Granular data from global brands available via adsquare’s independent self-service Audience Management Platform
  • Acxiom, Experian, TomTom and The Weather Channel among latest branded data providers
  • Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data whitepaper provides broad overview on data for mobile campaign planning

Premium audiences need premium data. Audience Management Platform adsquare has recently added a string of new global data brands to its growing portfolio in order to cement its position as the leading independent marketplace for mobile audience data.

Some of the platform’s latest branded data providers include Acxiom, AZ Direct, Experian, HERE, The Local Data Company, ONS, Schober, TomTom and The Weather Channel, among others. These partnerships enable advertisers to leverage household, places, events and weather data from online, offline and mobile sources to target audiences using criteria best suited to their individual brand needs.

The ability to browse and select from different data providers via one single platform opens a world of opportunity for us” reveals Uli Heimann, Director of Data Solutions at Annalect, Omnicoms specialized data-driven marketing agency and winner of i-com’s 2015 Smart Data Agency of the Year. “We’re very much looking forward to testing the full potential of adsquare’s platform and more specifically, exploring the vast amount of data within it with full transparency.

Having launched its AMP to give advertisers and agencies the full control they need to manage hyper-contextual mobile campaigns, adsquare’s independent self-service approach aims to provide the strongest data portfolio for mobile audience targeting available on the market. As adsquare CEO Tom Laband explains:

Data is absolutely key to powering more effective mobile programmatic advertising. In order to meet the huge demand for top quality audience data, our portfolio of global data brands is ever expanding. We are currently onboarding data from numerous companies who offer demographic information and purchase data as well as proximity data.

The top priority for U.K & U.S. marketers this year was creating campaigns based on a deeper understanding of audiences1, making it one of the main themes for 2016. To provide a basic understanding of the types of data available to meet specific campaign goals and how to leverage this in campaign planning, adsquare has just released its “Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data” whitepaper to help understand new opportunities. This whitepaper is available for download via the company website.

About adsquare

adsquare is the Audience Management Platform for mobile programmatic advertising, providing access to rich data at global scale. Our independent self-service platform gives advertisers and agencies full control to define audience segments and seamlessly activate them via their preferred programmatic buying platform. The real-time data stack enriches billions of bid requests from publishers and global supply partners such as MoPub, Smaato, Nexage or AppNexus and enables them to harness the real value of their users to boost monetization.

adsquare's sophisticated onboarding capabilities enable selected offline, online and mobile data providers to make their data accessible for all programmatic buying platforms in a secure and transparent way via one single API. Our technology divides the physical world into a multi-dimensional grid defined by millions of contextual data points and analyzes real-world consumer behaviour. The platform's ability to anonymize and analyze consumer data around location, context and mobile behavior has been awarded the ePrivacyseal, confirming its compliance with strict European privacy laws.

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