Students Live Mobile-First – adsquare Study Offers Rare Insight into Students’ Smartphone Usage

  • 82% of new UK students own smartphones
  • 98% of them use social media
  • 84% use location based services
  • Very first action of the day is checking their mobile devices

A recent UK-wide study from mobile audience expert adsquare has unearthed key insights in to the mobile lives of students. As well as the news that 82% of new UK students own smartphones, the study also revealed how their days begin and end with mobile: 68% of students check their mobile devices immediately after waking up in bed before any other activity and more than half would rather forget their wallet at home instead of their smartphone.

According to The Guardian, 412,170 students gained a place at university in 2014. One of the most striking figures was the adoption of social media. The adsquare report unveiled an astonishing 98% of students avidly use social media, with a further 84% using location based services.

“Today’s students live mobile first. They are one of the first groups of people to emerge from a childhood in which mobile was an intrinsic part of day-to-day life” says Daniel Rieber, adsquare’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “As student’s can be a notoriously hard audience to reach, advertisers are ever eager to gain valuable insights in to their daily mobile habits” 

In collaboration with online research experts Respondi, adsquare surveyed n=500 respondents in the UK. The research was conducted in January 2015 and examines the socio-demographics, mobile usage and interests of students.

Students are one of the most in-demand audiences at adsquare, which enables advertisers to reach their target group in the right mobile context. Full results of the study can be downloaded for free in issue 1 of adsquare’s Mobile Audience Radar. The report also includes an interview with Havas Media about programmatic advertising, insights about AppNexus and mobile data, company news and more. Download:

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